African migration is a hot topic in Italy right now that is causing increasing controversy among Italians. According to media reports, over 73,000 African migrants have come to Italy in 2017, which is significantly more than African migration in prior years. Migrants typically depart from Libya on makeshift boats, often to be picked up somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea by humanitarian organizations or Italian government vessels and brought to the Italian shores for safety.

Many Italians take the humanitarian approach, believing that Italy should help the migrants escape from very poor conditions. Italians recognize that thousands of Africans died in 2016 trying to cross the Mediterranean, and many Africans fell into the hands of criminal networks, like the Mafia, along the way. For these reasons, many Italians support humanitarian efforts that assist in bringing Africans to shore, and promote healthy integration into Italian society.

African MigrationOthers, however, take a different approach. Many Italians believe that African migration is in fact an “invasion” and that the increasing number of migrants in Italy has become a threat to its national security and culture, partly because many Africans are Muslim. These Italians feel that the government should stop the humanitarian efforts at sea, and should block access to Italian ports, while at the same time provide support to Africans in Africa, not in Italy.

African migration raises important questions for Italians, as well as Italian Enthusiasts. Particularly, if African migration continues in such high numbers, can this cause a threat to Italian culture and safety? Will the Vatican one-day be transformed into a mosque, just as the Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque after Constantinople was conquered by the Ottoman Empire in 1453?

According to Wikipedia, in 2015, Italy had a population of roughly 60.8 million people, 8% of which were foreign nationals, and 3% of which were Muslim. Is it realistic then, for continued African migration to change the rich Italian culture that we all cherish so much?  If not now, what about in 20-years?  Can Catholicism become the minority in Italy?  Will crime or terrorism increase?  What consequences, good or bad, will continued African migration have on Italy as a whole?  What are the solutions?

I look forward to receiving comments on this important subject in modern Italian politics.  Developing an opinion and dialogue on this subject will better prepare you for your next trip to Italy!



  1. I think Italy needs to take steps to stop this migration!!!

    • I believe they should be helped in their own country. …

    • Andrew Crisci : July 1, 2017 at 1:22 am

      Closing all ports is the solution. Don’t feel pity for people who will destroy Italy ?? as they are destroying other European countries. Stop the illegal immigration. Start protesting and demanding safety for the Italian citizens. Italy is not Africa, but a beautiful country that must be protected. If you care, do something about it. It’s your country.

      • Andrew Crisci : July 1, 2017 at 1:24 am

        What kind of moderation? This is the truth, it’s not racism. I am Italian and I love ??!

  2. Kim Ruggiero : June 29, 2017 at 10:55 am

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to save you home . I fully understand . You get a lot of people that are very grateful for the help and then you get the same people that demand you change and help them forever and it becomes a chip on that style of thinking from people . It’s a tough line to walk . The best of luck to your beautiful country .

  3. I totally agree with those who think that this is s real INVASION of Italy! Point 1: only the 10% (TEN PERCENT) of the immigrants is recognized as a real refugee escaping from was. The remaining 90% is only people who wants to change their lives, looking for a job in a country (Italy) where there’s NO JOB not even for the Italians themselves! Point 2: all the immigrants are illegal, they don’t have any documents, but they are maintained even for years in HOTLES*** and, guess who is paying for them? OUR TAXES! Point 3: a lot of these immigrants very often make crimes, because they can’t find a job but they want money. That means: robberies, drug, prostitution, and often also rapes against Italian women! Point 4: the most of them are muslims, and they are pushing and pushing to have their new mosques built and they often ask to remove christians traditional things because they get offended. OFFENDED? Go back to your country and your own culture if you don’t like OUR CULTURE IN OUR COUNTRY!!!!! Sooner or later the Italians will get very sick of it, and then…

    • Andrew Crisci : July 1, 2017 at 1:40 am

      The civil war will start and the corrupt politations will flee to Switzland or elsewhere. What a tragedy and shame!

  4. From what I have heard from my family in Italy is that all of the state and government buildings are being overwhelmed with these refugees i.e. schools, hospitals etc. I heard Rome is a disaster right now!

  5. Rome is a disaster but not because of immigrants. In Italy there’s too corruption, and immigrant question is used to hide the real problems. We need to help the integration.

    • What “integration”?? There’s NO integration with ISLAMIC CULTURE!!!! Forget it and let’s think about how to get rid off these situation!

    • Andrew Crisci : July 1, 2017 at 1:36 am

      Muslims do not integrate. They are proclaim Islam as the religion of peace, but it’s not! There was a time when Italy was beautiful. Now where these people have made it a cessoool. People urinating in street washing their butts in public places. This is disgusting. Civilized people behave in civil ways. Italy will lose tourism and will become a third world country. These corrupt politations don’t give a damn as long as illegal immigration is profitable and they benefit, not the Italian people. Save Italy before it’s too late!

  6. Cathleen Coyle : June 29, 2017 at 5:49 pm

    If you wonder what will happen in 20 years, keep in mind that, if for no other reason, immigrant invasions like this are demographic suicide for the host country; Muslims have 5 0r 6 children, in a country where the native inhabitants are barely reproducing themselves. Italy and France have the lowest birthrates. Easy to see where this will go in the future. When a group becomes the majority, they want to have the control, and they will get it.

    • My heart breaks for the Italian people. ?
      You have only to look at the numerous unsolvable problems in the U.K. and
      France to know what will become of Italy. The older generation says that
      France IS NOT French anymore.
      To save your future it would be both wise and compassionate to send them ALL
      back with enough money to survive. It’s the only way to not let your precious Italian
      Life be destroyed.
      To let them stay is a Pandora’s box of problems you will regret.???

  7. Natalie Mondella : June 29, 2017 at 6:05 pm

    My husband and I just spent a month in beautiful Italia. The one thing that marred our wonderful vacation was all the immigrants in our face trying to peddle their junk. They wouldn’t take no for an answer and continued to be in your face. They were all over the country and the Italian people I spoke to were not happy to have them. I give applause to the Mayor of Rome who doesn’t want to take any more in.

  8. They need to reject them as italy needs to take care of their own citizens first the government can’t afford taking care if the refugees which I believe and heard it’s 35.00 per day… you’re correct with them in your face selling crap and quite indignant getting close too. I saw some restaurant owners out and about among their patrons chasing these hustlers away. And that’s what they need to go chase them as it will eventually hurt their business.

  9. This is all very simple. The Italian population is decreasing because Italians are not having enough babies than can sustain a culture. Meanwhile, the Muslim population, and the Muslim migrants, are having plenty of babies. It is only a matter of time before the Muslims take over Italy. Our only solution is to have the Pope encourage all Catholics to start having lots of babies again. This is the only way we can help sustain our beloved Italian culture.

  10. Look at the other cities where these “immigrants” landed. They ruin the cities, the culture, ruin tourism, crime goes up, they turn something beautiful into a slum, they take jobs from your citizens, force you to pay for their food, housing and clothes, do not respect your religion and so much more. They contribute NOTHING to you and take and change everything. Look at Paris, Marseilles and even a city on the Italian coast. Italy is heaven on earth. Please don’t ruin it.


  11. We need to stop them coming now and I mean now !

    They are a very serious threath to our country , to our culture , to our people and to our safety , hands down !

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