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Abbiamo fatto trenta, facciamo trentuno
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Abbiamo fatto trenta, facciamo trentuno

“We have done thirty, let’s do thirty-one” (abbiamo fatto trenta, facciamo trentuno), is a common Italian expression used to indicate that when you’ve completed most of the task, you might...

April 04, 2021
Italy Covid Codes

Covid in Italy During the Christmas Holiday

Covid continues to be severe in Italy, making it the most-affected country in Europe and one of the most impacted countries in the world. With sacred Christmas holidays approaching –...

December 21, 2020
Hairy Armpit Lady

The Italian Man’s Love for Hairy Women

There is a famous Italian proverb that goes: “una donna barbuta è sempre piaciuta.” It’s literal translation is: “a bearded woman is always liked”. Depending on where you are in...

October 19, 2020