Nightlife in Assoro, Sicily


AssoroA nightclub by definition is an entertainment venue, usually operating late into the night, with a dance floor, music and booze.  When most people think of a nightclub, venues come to mind like Manhattan’s famous Studio 54 or the Copacabana.  What does not come to mind, however, is the local town center in Assoro, Sicily – at least not to people other than Assoro residents.

One Saturday night in December 2012, a friend from Assoro invited me to a local event at the town center, apparently a very popular event among the residents.  Upon arrival, about 30 residents were in attendance, all between the ages of sixty and ninety, with the majority between seventy and eighty.  A meeting room was transformed into a dance floor, and music was played by a DJ, live accordion player and a married couple with robust voices.  The alcoholic beverage served was local wine, given to the guests at no charge, and served in small plastic cups.

Indeed, this is not the typical discoteca experience one would have in larger Italian cities such as Palermo or Catania, but for a small Sicilian town, it’s the happening place!  Since Italian Enthusiasts thrive on authentic Italian experiences, a night of dancing, accordions and wine with the locals of Assoro (or a similar, very small Sicilian town) is recommended to all Italian Enthusiasts.