Food, Wine, Art and Clean Butts


Italian Enthusiasts know that when it comes to clean butts, Italy ranks number 1.  So often, we recognize how superior Italy is in things such as food, wine, history, art, and health, but we fail to consider other, more important aspects of life that Italy takes the lead on, such as clean buttocks.  Some may laugh, but when you think about the importance of hygiene and how maintaining a clean body prevents disease, effectively cleaning one’s culo is paramount.

To help promote health and ensure that its residents can achieve the most thorough cleaning, Italy has mandated since 1975 that all bathrooms must include a bidet, which is why today, approximately 97% of Italian bathrooms have bidets.  But the bidet was no stranger to Italy even prior to 1975.  According to some literature I read online, the earliest written reference of the bidet in Italy dates back to 1726.

BidetAccording to my good friend from Rome, Carlo Truccolo, “America is advanced in many things, such as education, employment opportunities, and medicine; however, for something so rudimentary as cleaning one’s own culo, it is astonishing how Americans have not yet embraced the bidet, which is one of world’s greatest inventions.”  Carlo’s philosophy is that a man should not only live with a clean conscience, but also with a clean ass.

It should be no surprise to any of my readers that as an Italian Enthusiast, I agree with Carlo.  And I would not be surprised if many of my readers also agree with him.  But if we agree with him, why don’t we all have bidets in our homes?  Admittedly, I do not have a bidet in my Florida home, mostly because as an American, the bidet has never been part of my culture or daily routine.  But when we think about it for a moment, bidets are indeed useful, and far superior to the toilet paper method.

On a personal note, one of my next home projects is to have a bidet installed in my home, and I encourage other Italian Enthusiasts to do the same.  For instructions on how to properly use a bidet, please let me know and I can put you in touch with Carlo directly.



  1. Esatto!!!!!!!

  2. But bidet is not an alternative to toilet paper!! They go together!

  3. Just to be precise, the bidet is not just to clean “il culo” but also to clean “i coglioni”. Try it next time you come to Italy.

  4. […] 1975, every bathroom in Italy was required to have a bidet, according to the law. This device reduces the consumption of toilet paper and is considered a more hygienic and […]

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