Finding Gyms in Italy

Italian Gym

Finding gyms in Italy can sometimes be a challenge, depending upon where you are.  Aside from small gym rooms in luxurious hotels, when looking for a local gym or fitness center in a city, you may be required to do some online research for recommendations or simply ask someone athletic for some suggestions.  In my experience, the cost for gym access is surprisingly more expensive than the average price in the United States.

For example, in the United States, for about $25.00/month, I can have unlimited access to a fitness center that includes daily classes, a pool, basketball and racquetball courts, and a sauna.  In Italy, the price in a larger city can be 25,00 Euros/day, or a monthly membership being between 150,00 to 200,00 Euros for just a small gym with limited amenities.

In Florence, the most popular gym is called Klab (, and they have three locations with one being near Piazza San Lorenzo (about 10 minutes walking distance from the train station, or 7 minutes walking distance from the Duomo).  Klab is expensive, and in my opinion, overpriced.  They do offer classes at Klab, and there is a hot tub in the basement.  However, I prefer the Florentine gym called Florence Fitness, which is located closer to the St. Regis hotel (  They charge 10,00 Euros per day, and since I have yet to purchase a month’s membership, I am not sure of the monthly cost, but it is less expensive than Klab, and I find it to be less crowded with newer equipment.

Palestra QuarusThere are others that may charge even less than 10,00 Euros/day in Florence.  I remember finding a small gym somewhere near Piazza Santa Croce a few years ago, but I was not impressed.

In Taormina there is a nice gym that charges 10,00 Euros/day and it is called Palestra Quarus.  In my experience so far, all the gyms in Italy have been USA friendly.

If anyone has any other gym suggestions, please share.




  1. The best gyms in Avezzano (Aq) are: Metro Fitness Center, La Pineta, and some new ones of which I can’t remember the names.

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