Florence’s Most Convenient and Versatile Spa – RELAX FIRENZE

Relax Spa

Located in Piazza della Repubblica, the center of the city, is Florence’s most convenient and versatile spa, RELAX-FIRENZE, which caters to Italian Enthusiasts all over the world.  Admittedly, it is sometimes difficult to find reputable spas in Italy, at least spas that provide the same amount of amenities and luxuries that many Americans and other foreigners are used to receiving.  With the challenges of time-zone changes and the unusual amount of walking associated with visiting Italian cities, it is essential to keep your body healthy and relaxed.  For those visiting Florence, booking a service at Relax-Firenze is a necessity to achieve the optimum physical performance that your body requires during strenuous travel.  Relax-Firenze could not be in a more desirable and convenient location, and the plethora of services that it provides (massages, yoga, pilates, ems training, facials, wellness counseling, child-care, etc.) promotes a most pleasurable and rewarding experience.

MASSAGES.  Relax-Firenze offers a large selection of massages, including but not limited to aromatherapy, ayurveda, deep tissue, holistic drainage, foot reflexology, and lots more.  Massages are the specialty at Relax-Firenze, and whether you get your massage in the room overlooking one of the oldest and most important squares in Florence, or in the salt room where the inhalation benefits are endless, the Relax-Firenze massages are sure to revive you from the strains of travel, jet lag, or a long day of sightseeing.  My wife and I have been customers of Relax-Firenze for a couple years now and we have always been impressed with the overall facility, including its treatments, organization and cleanliness.

Massage Tables at Relax Firenze
Couples massage room at Relax Firenze, overlooking Piazza della Repubblica, one of Florence's most important and popular squares.
EMS Training
Me in the middle of an EMS training session at Relax Firenze.

EMS TRAINING.  Electric Muscle Stimulation (“EMS”) Training is performed by sending electric impulses through your muscles using electrodes attached to your body.  The effect of the impulses causes the muscles to contract, simulating a typical workout session in the gym, except in much less time.  Originating in Germany, EMS training has recently hit Italy by storm with many centers now open all around the country; however, Relax-Firenze uses the original German-manufactured machine and its trainers are certified.  EMS Training is perfect for visitors of Florence who have a regular workout routine in their home country and wish to maintain it while abroad.  I personally love EMS Training and plan to do it often while in Florence.

CHILD CARE.  As a father of a toddler and an infant, and especially one who usually travels with the kids, I am always conscious of child-friendly places, and I often avoid places without child accommodations.  At Relax-Firenze, the salt room transforms into a child care room, where kids can play with toys in the salt, as if they were playing in the sand.  Relax-Firenze will arrange, with advance notice, for a chaperone to look after your child(ren) while you enjoy your treatments.  Knowing that the kids are safe and secure always helps achieve an overall calm, promoting pure relaxation of not only body, but also of mind.

Salt Room at Relax Firenze
The Salt Room where massages take place, but also which coverts to the child care room.
Salt Room at Relax Firenze
Relaxing and sipping prosecco in the salt room

I love Italy – that is no secret.  But the fact remains that the comforts many Americans and other foreigners may be accustomed to in their home country, are not as widespread in Italy.  At Relax-Firenze, however, I have no complaints.  It’s clean, well-organized, quiet, private, perfect location, courteous and English-speaking staff, and the prices are reasonable.  My list of services provided above is by no means exhaustive.  Please visit their website at Relax-Firenze, or email Ilaria at: info@relaxfirenze.com for more information.  For all visitors of Florence, I highly recommend a visit.