World’s Healthiest People Live in Italy

Fruit Stand in Bolgheri

Italian Enthusiasts generally have an idea that Italy is a healthy country.  Comparatively speaking, we know Italians eat well.  We know Italians walk a lot.  We know Italians are not workaholics like many are in the United States.  Putting these factors together, we safely presume that life in Italy is healthier, and therefore people in Italy are healthier.  I have always believed that; but until now, I never based my belief on any empirical data other than my own experiences.  Yesterday I read an article that was published by Bloomberg earlier this year which examined 163 countries to determine the world’s healthiest country.  Guess which country ranked Number 1?  ITALY!

Fruit Stand in ItalyFor those of you interested in reading the article, you can click here: Bloomberg Article – Italy

The study found life expectancy in Italy to be high, and found that people living in Italy are in better shape than people living in other countries, in part due to their diet, which is rich in fresh vegetables and olive oil.  The study found the United States to be one of the world’s heaviest nations, ranking 34 on the health index.

We should all look to Italy as an example and try our best to follow their diet choices.  For those interested, I suggest you pick up a book on the Mediterranean Diet.