Lunch at Tre Marchetti

Tre MarchettiOn May 29, 2016, I ate lunch at a restaurant in downtown Verona very close to the Arena in Piazza Bra called Tre Marchetti. I recommend all Italian Enthusiasts visiting Verona to try this restaurant.

Having spent most time in Tuscany in previous years, I usually drink Chianti wine or a type of Super Tuscan. However, the owner of Tre Marchetti, Matteo, offered me a 1997 bottle of Amarone della Valpolicella called Montezovo, very typical to the region of Veneto. After letting this powerful wine breathe in a unique Murano crystal decanter (1 of 650 decanters produced of this type), and after taking a sip from the largest wine glass I ever drank from, I realized that Amarone is my new favorite wine. This discovery alone was worth my entire trip to Italy, and I cannot wait to drink more Amarone in the near future (preferably with similar awesome wine glasses if I can find them).

Besides the Amarone, however, I enjoyed very much eating the food at Tre Marchetti typical to Veneto. The food was delicious and the service was kind, generous and attentive. The atmosphere was elegant, and the location ideal. Matteo, I learned, is also a very interesting and talented individual, as he is just as passionate about his food as he is about the Opera. In fact, Matteo is a professional Opera singer and he explained that he often performs for his guests during dinner. Unfortunately, I was not able to stay for dinner, but on my next trip to Verona, I will most certainly visit Tre Marchetti for an evening of cibo Veneto, Amarone, e l’opera!!  If you decide to go, please let Matteo know that Anthony, the lawyer from Wellington, Florida, sent you!