Pasta of Sicily

Pasta of Sicily

So often when we go to Italy we learn about a specific food that represents an entire town.  For example, we know that the Roman classic Bucatini all’Amatriciana comes from a town called Amatrice, or that the Cannoli represents the region of Sicily.

A highlight of every trip I take to Italy is learning about food typical to the town I am visiting.  Every restaurant I visit I ask about the local items on the menu, and even though I am careful with my pasta consumption here in the United States, I always eat pasta as a first course in Italy, without exception.  Not only are the pasta dishes orgasmic, but there seem to be as many forms of pasta as there are moments in time, each representing a differently locality.

From my recent trip to Sicily in June 2016, I captured some images of pasta dishes that either me or my companions ordered during dinner.  One dish in particular is a pasta called Busiate from a Sicilian town called Trapani.  Another is squid ink pasta, a Sicilian classic.

Unfortunately, I did not write all the names of the pasta down so if anyone can identify a type, please feel free to comment.

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