Romance Italian Style

Fiat in Italy

Italian Enthusiasm is demonstrated in a number of forms.  Some express their love for Italy with food, others in language, and others through art.  But nothing shouts “I love Italy” louder than expressing your Italian Enthusiasm through romance performed in a small car parked on a private hillside.

Car in TuscanyIt should be no surprise to Italian Enthusiasts that generally speaking, people in Italy live with their parents longer than people in the United States.  Living with your parents through adulthood provides many comforts for Italians, including economic support, home-cooked meals, and laundry service.  However, there are disadvantages as well, particularly when a young man or young woman wishes to bring their significant other home for some romance.  Due to a lack of privacy in the home where often parents and grandparents also reside, Italians retreat to their motor vehicles for romance, usually somewhere off the beaten path like a hillside, mountainside, or another rural location.

Let’s face it: romance is good for everyone, and no one is ever too old to experience it.  If you want to live like an Italian, be sure to rent a car while in Italy (preferably a small Fiat), drive out to a safe rural location, and perform with your significant other the rudimentary rite of passage that is so common in Italian culture – L’AMORE.  Experience the magic.

Thanks to my Italian friend, Elena Lusenti, for letting me use her photo for this post.  Elena is a talented photographer, specializing in photos of Italy and horses.  You can follow her on Instagram @where_is_elena



  1. I agree. Romance into the car is much more exciting than a comfortable bed at home. Especially after long years “into the bed”. L’amore in macchina makes me turn back to the good times gone, when we were younger… ??

  2. Reminds me of old Fellini movies. I can just picture Marcello Mastroianni taking one of his girlfriends up to the hills in his Fiat to make love in the car.

  3. While reading through your post, toward the end you thanked your “Italian friend, Elena Lusenti, for letting me use her…”. Before I scrolled to the next line, I thought you were going to say, “…car for research.” LOL!

  4. My holiday rental villa faces a large olive tree grove. A few years back when my teenage son was coming of age, I kept noticing a strange car parked in the grove, two to three times a week. Well I knew, based on my own “parking” days what it probably was but my son kept asking me about so I decided to pull in behind them next time he was with me. Lights on bright, honked to give warning, and my young teenager learned the reason behind this activity. Great intro to the birds and bees. Never saw that car again…

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