Family Photo

Anthony Barbuto, also known through some social media channels as the “Italian Enthusiast” (and others as “The Lawyer”), has launched a family vlog on YouTube called the Barbuto Family.  The Barbuto Family vlog will feature mainly Anthony, his wife Rovena, and two toddlers, Leonardo and Sofia, through their everyday life, with reoccurring themes of authentic Italian culture.

While the Barbuto Family resides mostly in Florida, they spend at least 2-months per year in Italy, where a substantial amount of vlogging will take place.  However, even when they are in the US, Italian culture is ever-present in their lives, whether through the language, food, mentality, lifestyle, fashion, humor, etc.  In just about every vlog, a glimpse of Italian culture can be discovered, some obviously more than others.

As an example, the Barbuto Family’s second vlog below shows the family’s native Italian friends coming over for dinner (in the middle of Anthony being interviewed by a local news station regarding his activities on the popular social media app, TikTok).

For those of you who enjoy family vlogs and Italian culture, the Barbuto Family channel will prove both entertaining and educational for all audiences.  The Barbuto Family’s goal is really to create a community of like-minded people and families, and to be as interactive with subscribers as possible.  On behalf of the Italian Enthusiast blog, we encourage you to subscribe to the Barbuto Family channel and be a part of the Barbuto Family!