Two Delightful Chianti Restaurants

A Casa Mia

When traveling in Florence or Siena as a tourist, it’s often difficult to leave town for an evening to dine at restaurants 40+ minutes outside the city center.  Without your own car, organizing for taxi service could be very difficult, let alone too expensive.  But if the opportunity presents itself where transportation is available to you, I recommend two restaurants well worth the trip.

A Casa Mia

A Casa Mia.  In a small, uneventful town called Montefiridolfi, about 40 minutes outside of the center of Florence or Siena, there is a small Tuscan restaurant called A Casa Mia in the Chianti area.  It is not a fancy or large restaurant, but the prices are reasonable, food delicious and plentiful, atmosphere private and romantic.  At A Casa Mia, you literally get the feeling that you are in the owner, Maurizio’s, home.  If you like experiencing small towns, or romantic and private hidden gems, A Casa Mia is an excellent choice, especially if you like dining with small, intimate groups.  In fact, other than Maurizio, who always acts as the waiter, there are only 2 other people working in the kitchen.  You can visit their site at:  In the picture to the left, I am with my Tuscan friend, Francesco, and the owner Maurizio.

CecchiniAntica Macelleria Cecchini.  In another small Tuscan town called Panzano, about 40 minutes outside the center of Florence or Siena, there is a famous steak restaurant called Antica Macelleria Cecchini in the Chianti area.  The Italian owner, Dario, is married to an American woman, Kim.  The restaurant has a history and is quite famous in Tuscany.  The waiters put on a very entertaining presentation when the steaks are served, and the atmosphere is always fun and lively.  Unlike A Casa Mia, which is a smaller and a bit more quite, private and romantic, Antica Macelleria Cecchini is louder, more entertaining and interactive with the staff and other patrons (there is only one long table where everyone sits together).  The restaurant also resembles a small butcher museum, with interesting displays and information provided to the guests.  In the photo to the right, I am dining at Antica Macelleria Cecchini with my best friend, Craig, also an Italian Enthusiast, and my dear Roman friend, Carlo.  For more information, you can visit the restaurant at:

Both restaurants offer memorable evening excursions if you can get out of the city center, and the food is stupendous.  I welcome any other suggestions for excellent Tuscan restaurants outside the city centers.

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