Italians Celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8

Mimosa Flowers

International Women’s Day (known in Italian as “Festa Della Donna”), is a holiday created to honor women.  While it is not an official Italian holiday like it is in many other countries around the world (including Russia, China and Vietnam), the March 8 holiday is observed in Italy and has throughout the years developed a commercial significance, similar to Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.  What began as a serious day of observance to promote equal rights, has transformed into more of a festive day in Italy where women celebrate their womanhood with family, friends, gifts and fun.

Woman with MimosaIn Italy, the symbol of International Women’s Day is the mimosa flower.  Men all over Italy give mimosa flowers to women on March 8 (not just to wives and girlfriends, but also to mothers, sisters, friends, female colleagues, etc.).  Additionally, social events are scheduled all around Italy embracing the day, e.g., nightclubs featuring male dancers who perform for all-female audiences.

Italian Enthusiasm is about embracing authentic Italian culture.  For all male Italian Enthusiasts out there, on a day like March 8, there is no better way to embrace Italian culture than to honor the women in our lives.  Call your local florist and get some mimosa flowers and deliver them to the women you care about.  If florists do not sell the mimosa flower, then be creative.  One year my local florist did not have mimosa flowers available, so in its place, I made mimosa drinks on the evening of March 8 for the women in my life.  I know it is not the same as the flower, but while in the United States (a country that does not observe International Women’s Day), Italian Enthusiasts may need to be creative.  It’s the thought that counts, and the idea behind International Women’s Day should not be forgotten, particularly that women are our equals, they are beautiful, and that they should be honored, not just on March 8, but on all days.