The Versace Mansion, Miami Beach


Italians in general adore Miami Beach.  Each year, thousands of Italians visit Miami to enjoy the beaches, nightlife, shopping, and international environment.  I often read stories online about  Italian celebrities and/or models sunbathing in South Beach, including Raffaella Modugno, Melissa Castagnoli, Alessia Tedeschi, Sveva Alviti and Laura Cremaschi.  For Italians, Miami is the place to be.

Gianni Versace was no different, and in fact loved Miami Beach so much that in 1992 he purchased a home directly on Ocean Avenue that he renovated, expanded and decorated in his unique style we see so pronounced in his world famous Italian clothing line.

After Versace’s death in 1997, the property changed hands a few times, and in 2013 Jordache Enterprises purchased it at auction and turned it into a restaurant and hotel called Casa Casuarina.  The hotel is quite expensive, but because of its exclusivity, elegance and history, it may be worth the experience for the adventurous Italian Enthusiast.  Certainly if the hotel is too pricey, the restaurant is open to the public.

Dining at the restaurant is a wonderful experience.  If weather permits, guests can eat outside next to the famous Versace swimming pool, and after dinner, patrons can relax in the courtyard or have a drink at the Onyx Bar.

This month I spent the night at the Versace Mansion (Casa Casuarina), as well as dined at the restaurant.  The entire experience was surreal.  The bedroom decorations and overall appeal are definitely Versace-esque, and it was obvious to me that I was staying in a property designed by a fashion icon.  Further, the food was delicious and the wine menu notable.  In fact, I found it interesting that on the menu there was a glass of wine offered named the “Versace”, which is in fact a common Sicilian wine Nero D’Avola.  I imagine that this type of wine was Versace’s favorite, but I’m only guessing.  For more information on the mansion, you can visit: