Italo Ferretti – Italian Luxury Ties & Accessories

Italo Ferretti - Italian Luxury Ties & Accessories

Travelers to Italy take notice how frescoes bring to life the very rooms they adorn.  They will take notice the power of the massive churches, where stained glass windows, marble statues and Roman mosaics create only the highest degree of reverence.  And when it comes to observing people in Italy, the recognition of beauty is no different thanks to fashion being a prominent aspect of Italian culture since time immemorial.  There is now a truth universally acknowledged that Italy is the number one country for best dressed people, and their men, well, their style is unsurpassable.  The trick?  Attention to detail.

Italo Ferretti
Admiring the exceptional silk of an Italo Ferretti necktie.
Italo Ferretti
Positioning my Italo Ferretti pocket square

Italo Ferretti knows very well the importance of detail in men’s fashion.  A leading men’s accessory company from Abruzzo with origins dating back to 1967, Italo Ferretti specializes in luxury ties, pocket squares and scarves.  Its history is actually very impressive.  In 1979, Italo Ferretti embarked on a collaboration with an Italian tailoring company giant, Brioni, which lasted for many years.  In fact, Italo Ferretti was the creator of the Brioni necktie, and arguably the true maker of Brioni’s international reputation.  The Brioni tie is synonymous with high-end manufacturing and is the result of Italo Ferretti’s enthusiasm and passion for sartorial elegance.  At the end of Italo Ferretti’s collaboration with Brioni, the company maintained its commitment to manufacturing luxurious men’s accessories, but this time more than ever, with the focus on its own brand.

Italo Ferretti
Admiring the Italo Ferretti tie and pocket square

Italo Ferretti is a family-owned business headquartered near Pescara, Italy, although its ties and accessories can be purchased online worldwide at  Since 2019, Italo Ferretti’s first son, Carlo, manages the Company, together with his two younger brothers, Federico and Giacomo.

As a lawyer and Italian Enthusiast, I enjoy very much putting on a suit accompanied by a high-end tie, pocket square, cuff links and perhaps some other accessories.  As the famous Italian-American writer, Gay Talese said, “Putting on a beautifully designed suit elevates my spirit, extols my sense of self, and helps define me as a man to whom details matter.”

Italo Ferretti
Italo Ferretti
Italo Ferretti

If you enjoy dressing with elegance, or know someone who does, consider Italo Ferretti.  Check out their website to view their merchandise.  Shipping to the United States and internationally is easy and convenient.  If any of my readers are also Italo Ferretti customers, please share your photos on any of my social media pages.



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