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Italian fashion has been admired internationally for centuries, and it remains today an integral part of Italian lifestyle to which people from around the world seek to adopt in their own cultures. For me, as a lawyer and enthusiast of both Italy and men’s formal wear, I have always worn Italian-made suits.  Indeed, there is no shortage of Italian brands these days, as the fashion industry is inundated with companies representing themselves as Italian.  Aside from the fact that some “Italian” companies manufacture their clothing outside Italy, while other “Italian” companies have no connection to Italy whatsoever, some real Italian companies actually cut corners in their manufacturing process, producing inferior garments that most consumers will not discover until it is too late.  Sometimes the only true test is the test of time, and one Italian company that has proven its excellence to me over the years, earning my respect and loyalty, is a traditional, family-operated suit manufacturer based out of northern Italy: Ravazzolo.

Ravazzolo Suit
My first Ravazzolo suit from 2006 that is still in excellent condition today

As a gift for becoming a lawyer back in 2006, my father purchased for me five Italian-made suits at a store in Florida.  I knew the brands of four of them, but when the sales lady brought me my Ravazzolo suit, she said in a whisper, “this suit is in a league of its own.”  I was surprised because not only had I never heard of Ravazzolo, but I knew of the other four suit companies as so-called leaders in the men’s fashion industry.  Nevertheless, the suits were purchased, and as a young lawyer in and out of court, to say that I wore them often would be an understatement.  Interestingly, not only did I receive more compliments on my Ravazzolo suit than any other suit I have ever worn, but out of the five suits from 2006, the Ravazzolo suit is the only one that lasted.

Today, after wearing it at least 100 times, my original Ravazzolo suit remains in excellent condition, appearing and feeling like new.

On its website, Ravazzolo reveals its philosophy of suit making, emphasizing the importance of durability and beauty.  Such statements are not mere rhetoric for advertisement purposes.  Based on my own experience, Ravazzolo’s suits are durable, and they are beautiful.  It’s the Ravazzolo workmanship and superior fabrics that put Ravazzolo in a league of its own.  When you feel a Ravazzolo suit with your own hands, you will understand why they are so durable.  When you see either the artistic design or shine of the fabrics, you will understand why the suits are perceived as beautiful all over the world.

My newest Ravazzolo suit.
Ravazzolo Suit
Ravazzolo Style in Florence, Italy 2018
Ravazzolo Suit
Ravazzolo Style in Florence, Italy 2018

Ravazzolo is a family-operated company based out of Vicenza, a city in northern Italy, where the entire clothing production takes place.  I visited the headquarters this summer to acquire another Ravazzolo suit and met with the company’s third-generation CEO, Andrea Ravazzolo.  According to Mr. Ravazzolo, quality control has always been paramount to the Ravazzolo clothing line, and unlike many other Italian tailors, Ravazzolo has maintained the same meticulous production standards that Mr. Ravazzolo’s grandfather practiced when he started the company in the early 1900s.  “Not many suit tailors can compete with the consistency and the quality of our products,” Ravazzolo said.  “For our quality and price point, we are the best.”  Quite frankly, I agree with him without hesitation.

The clientele of Ravazzolo is as equally impressive as the quality of their garments.  Presidents, kings, politicians, businessmen, professional athletes, etc., all wear Ravazzolo, including former U.S. presidents, George Bush and George W. Bush.  Ravazzolo clothing cannot only be purchased in Italian cities, but several of the main cities in the United States carry Ravazzolo suits and other Ravazzolo menswear. Please CLICK HERE for a list of the largest Ravazzolo retailers in the United States.  For other stores around the world, or private fittings for custom made suits in Italy, please contact Ravazzolo directly at: info@ravazzolo.com.  You can also follow Ravazzolo on Instagram @ravazzolo_official.

Barbuto & Ravazzolo
With Ravazzolo CEO, Andrea Ravazzolo, in Vicenza, Italy, July 2018
Ravazzolo Label

In preparation for this post, photos were taken by Basilicata-native, Raffaele Palladino @raffaele_esteban_palladino.  I will be posting more photos of my Ravazzolo suits on my social medial pages, showing more of the suit’s exceptional qualities.



  1. I have seen factories in Italy owned by Chinese using Chinese cheap labor yet using Made in Italy labels which lead consumers around the world to believe they are made by ITALIANS and thus are quality garments .I hope your company is athentically Italian using Italian workers and Not immigrants !

    • Anthony Barbuto : September 20, 2018 at 12:17 pm

      Hi Dino. Thanks for writing. I know this company does operate their entire operation in Italy, particularly in a northern city near Vicenza. I know it is run by the Ravazzolo family. As to the specifics regarding their employees, you would have to ask them directly, but it is a legitimate and respected company so I am confident that all employees are legal.

  2. Suits are nicely tailored

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