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Anthony Barbuto

Guardia di Finanza

Beware of Italian Currency Exchanges

One thing about Italians is that they love to mettere in culo the American people, or in other words, put it in the ass of the American people, metaphorically speaking...

December 30, 2016
Language & Arts

Today’s Popular Italian Music Performers

For an Italian Enthusiast, it is disappointing to acknowledge how little attention Italian music performers receive in the United States.  Indeed, growing up in New Jersey among communities of Italian-Americans,...

November 27, 2016
The Italian Aperitivo
Food & Wine

The Italian Aperitivo

There is a custom in Italy that is not practiced in the United States involving unlimited appetizers 2-3 hours before dinner.  It’s called the “Aperitivo” In Italy, dinner is served...

November 10, 2016